Director of Athletics asks for mold-ridden pump to be replaced, remains to be seen

Legislation has been introduced to the Associated Students of Cerritos College senate to purchase the “Powerflo 50” hydration unit. The legislation was introduced by the Director of Athletics Angel Salcido who is also a student athlete.

The bill asked for about $4,000 to replace the current mode of hydration which have been contaminated with mold.

The problem was first noted by Salcido about a year ago, but did nothing about it because he said, “athletes see it but they are so focused with practice and to them water is water.”

It is suspected that the mold is mildew, however it is unclear if it a health hazard as the current hydration pump does not allow for the pipes to be removed and cleaned.

The current pump was installed about 15 years ago which with time has deteriorated. Salcido said that it has been repaired so many times that the machine is being held with “extra screws and tape.”

Salcido said, “I actually have no doubt that they will pass the legislation despite the sitting chair having a problem with my presentation.”

He has also started a petition that he hopes student athletes will sign to support the legislation.