Shade-deficiant shades structures finally finished


Jasmine Martinez

Cerritos College students sitting spaced out to avoid waiting in the sun as the commonly known shade structures offer little protection. A Notice of Completion was approved by the Board of Trustees on Aug. 15, with a final cost of $1.3 million for the structures.

Carmelita Islas Mendez, Managing Editor

The shade structures across campus are now officially finished, minus the shades, as the Notice of Completion was approved by the Board of Trustees.

The final cost of the structures and the surrounding area was of $1.3 million and was paid by the General Obligation Bond, more commonly known as the G.O. Bond, that was passed on a Nov. 2012 ballot.

Local companies from Ontario, Irwindale and Woodland Hills were contracted to create the structures, as well as making the waiting area decent.

In a previous comment David Moore, director of physical plant and construction services, said that the shades were “not finished” and that “everyone asks about them.”

Moore hoped that the shades would be approved of and that is why the structures were being built while the approval was being processed and the he “never dreamed it would take this long.”

Before the structures were filed as completed Moore commented that the delay was due to the Department of State Architects needing to approve the structure as well as needing to assign a contractor with the job.

Moore said that waiting for the DSA has “been quite the challenge.”

Tiffany Hernandez, nursing major, said while waiting to be picked up at midday said, “It’s too hot to sit here in the sun. I think it would be better if there were actual shades so that it felt cooler.

She continued to say, “People would sit here more often [if shades were present] and be comfortable when they wait instead of being all sweaty and being in the heat for so long.”

The structures were designed with practicality in mind as well as aesthetic as about $230,000 were used to contract a landscaping company, Pierre Landscape, Inc.

Hernandez said, “I think the structures are nice; it makes the college look presentable.”

She concluded by saying, “I think they should finish what was originally planned. It would be better for the students who come here.”

Moore was unavailable for comment in relations to the completed structures.