Getting ‘Wacky’ with guest readers


Carmelita Islas Mendez

The Child Development Center is welcoming guest readers to read books to the children, including Dr. Suess books to honor his memory. Faculty members, staff and administrators were invited to read, including President Jose Fierro on March 5, reading books like “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Jasmine Martinez

Guest readers, including faculty members, read children in the Child Development Center books by Dr. Seuss on March 4 and 5.

Initially finding themselves shy and reserved with guest reader and president of Cerritos College, Jose Fierro, Seuss’ rhymes and illustrations enthused one child in particular, Echo.

Despite having heard “Green Eggs and Ham” before, Echo loved the book and from another, was able to learn how to wait patiently.

“Wacky Wednesday,” also by Seuss, scandalized children with an illustration of a palm tree sprouting out of a toilet and encouraged them to be creative with their theories.

More faculty readers are scheduled to visit the children until March 8.