Cerritos College 65th anniversary closing ceremony


Mirella Vargas

President of Cerritos College Dr. Jose Fierro hosts the Cerritos College 65th Anniversary Closing Ceremony. The virtual event, which marked the end of this year’s anniversary, celebrations took place on Sept. 24.

Mirella Vargas, Staff Writer

The Cerritos College 65th anniversary celebrations came to an end on Thursday, during a special close out ceremony, including a special announcement and a thank you message to the Cerritos College Foundation donors.

President of Cerritos College, Dr. Jose Fierro, hosted the brief closing ceremony online and reflected on the events that took place during the last few weeks, “Given the circumstances, to stay engaged with campus and [celebrate] the anniversary has been more meaningful than ever.”

“I think being able to connect and talk to each other and bring memories and future plans that we all [have] for the institution has been refreshing during these difficult times,” he added.

Dr. Fierro also recognized individuals who have contributed to the Cerritos College Foundation, including the mayor of Downey and former Cerritos College alum Blanca Pacheco, who created a scholarship for women in Liberal arts.

Mayor Pacheco shared a special message in the memory book, “Congratulations to Cerritos College on its 65th anniversary. I am so proud to be an alum and to help support students as they fulfill their dreams.”

Cerritos College alumni Gary and Steve Hormel were also recognized, for recently creating the college’s first scholarship for LGBTQ students.

During the event, Dr. Fierro announced that the local cities of Cerritos, Lakewood, La Mirada, Norwalk and South Gate passed resolutions to officially declare every Sept. 17 as Cerritos College Day to commemorate the college’s anniversary.

The Cerritos College 65th Anniversary Memory Book, compiled with everyone’s well wishes and anecdotes, will available on the official 65th anniversary webpage.

Although the anniversary celebrations have come to an end, you can still visit the 65th anniversary official webpage and learn more about this year’s events and the special history of Cerritos College.