Students and faculty prepare for International Education week


International Student Week discusses global cultures in an event each day. This year’s IEW will only have presentations via Zoom. Photo credit: Courtesy of Cerritos College

Daniel Suarez Jr., News Editor

Students and faculty will be showing films and discussing the norms and cuisines inspired by a variety of cultures for International Education Week (IEW) running through Nov. 16-20. Presenters will be covering topics from countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

IEW started as a ‘joint initiative’ between the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education. It’s intended to “promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders to study abroad and welcome those from abroad to study in the U.S.,” according to the school’s website.

The Office of International Student Services of Cerritos will enter its seventh year leading the program in 2020, however it is the first year that the week will only feature online presentations. As Cerritos College remains closed due to efforts to curb the pandemic, there won’t be large performances taking place in the conference rooms and lecture halls enjoyed in previous years.

The program still asserts that “Students and staff will have the opportunity to engage in these global conversations thus helping to internationalize our campus community.”

IEW will be facilitated by the Director of International Student Services Norma C. Rodriguez and moderated by International Admissions Specialist David Tilahun.

Session one on Monday will begin with introductions starting at 11 a.m. and featuring key-note speaker President/Superintendent Dr. Jose Fierro. The student led presentations include a viewing of the short film “You are Not Alone,” hosted by Suraj Shrestha, a dance major.

Session two on Tuesday will have a greater emphasis on the customs and cultures on Nepal, with a presentation by students Anjina Thapa and Aarju Sapkota.

Those more interested in Indian culture can attend session three on Wednesday, where Duggal Singh and Franceemma Kamidi will present “The Culture of India – Oldest and Unique” and “Congo, the Vital Land.”

The final day of presentation is Thursday, where students will discuss a number of topics related to Chinese cultures for session four.

Join the zoom sessions at their designated time to support the students and faculty leading IEW.