Get involved with different clubs, organizations at Cerritos College


Courtesy of Matthew Nicholas

First Cerritos College Speech and Debate Team. Posing for a picture before heading to nationals. 1952.

Lola Ajetunmobi, Staff Writer

Different Cerritos College clubs and organizations held virtual Zoom meetings on the week of Jan. 25-29 to share information about what they do for students who are interested.

Known as Club Info Day before the pandemic, club leaders would meet face-to-face with students to discuss the opportunities students may gain in social service, curricular and special interest programs.

Due to recent changes, the students activities coordinator, Amna Jara aka AJ, hosted sessions in Zoom meetings for students to recruit new members into their clubs.

The different clubs and organizations that held meetings during Falcon Involvement Week include Econ, Christian Students at Cerritos College, Environmental, Forensics and Speech, Phi Theta Kappa, Triathlon, Business, Philosophy, Alpha Gamma Sigma and Phi Beta Lambda.

If interested in economics, join the Econ Club. In that club, different instructors from universities teach about economics and the club talks about how economics affects the world and the community we live in.

Vice President Dominic Arreola and advisor instructor Solomon Namala talk about the different activities students can participate in such as the stock market game, Investopedia, where students invest fake money into fake stocks and may get a prize at the end.

Specific requirements for this club are that you must be currently enrolled or have taken an economic course, previously.

For Christian students or those wanting to learn more about Christianity, Christian Students at Cerritos College is the club to join.

President David Perumalla of the Christian club said “Those wanting to learn more about Christ and are interested in studying the Bible can join.”

There are other activities such as singing hymns, religious discussions and reading the Bible.

For students concerned about the environment, the Environmental Club at Cerritos discusses environmental issues such as fast fashion, the impact on Native Americans and ways to help our environment become a greener and more sustainable. There are no specific requirements to join.

For those interested in speech and debate and want to learn more about it, these individuals can participate in the Forensics and Speech Team.

“Members compete in competitions via Zoom to perform memorized speeches, recite literature or debate other students from different schools,” said President Stephanie Marquez. This team also has no specific requirements to join.

Students looking to transfer to a four year university can also join Honor societies.

The AGS (Alpha Gamma Sigma) and PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) helps students participate in their communities, obtain scholarships and opportunities to mold them for future transfer.

President of AGS, Angel Armendariz said, “The purpose of this club is to promote good students, increase your chances of transferring and help you succeed.”

The requirements for AGS is to have a 2.5 GPA for the first semester, 3.0 GPA for the second semester and complete eight hours of community service. Requirements for PTK are to have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA and complete six hours of community service. Club member will be awarded a certificate which looks great on a resume.

AJ recommends that all students get involved in school activities. “It teaches you life skills and how to work with small and big groups,” Jara said.

Cerritos students can also start a club if there isn’t one that already exists to grabs their interest. In order for one to start their own club, there are certain rules in place that must be adhered too.

AJ explained that a student must write a constitution and secure a club advisor which could be any faculty member willing to act as advisor.

Any new club must also have a minimum of five active members. Students who want to start or join a new club has to have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Students are encouraged to participate in campus clubs and organizations. If interested in any specific club or all of them, visit FalconSync.