Cerritos ranks ninth among top 25 community colleges for Hispanic students


Edgar Mendoza

Cerritos College ranked ninth for colleges with Hispanic students. President Jose Fierro hopes to increase this ranking and number of AA degrees granted, as of March 23, 2021.

Janet Chavarria, Staff Writer

In this year’s Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine, Cerritos College ranked number nine on a list of 25 community colleges across the United States with the highest number of Hispanics students.

It also ranked 19th for total of Associates of Arts degrees granted to Hispanic students.

With Texas running as number one, California was ranked 2nd across the states with the highest number of Hispanic students enrolled and a total number of AA degrees granted.

“It has been a huge accomplishment for the school to be recognized for all of their hard work. Students and faculty both have had the same goal to do better and accomplish an academic dream and they are,” said Dr. Jose Fierro, president and superintendent of Cerritos College.

According to Dr. Fierro, students at Cerritos College come here to open new doors for themselves.

Whether by completing their next step in their academic career to transfer to a four year university or by beginning a technical career, Fierro says Cerritos College offers many options for them.

“I expect in the years to come to be in the top five of this category, to rank a little higher as I know the school can,” Fierro added.

“It’s not only about the ranking but I know there is more room to grow, to have progress in completion in rates of graduates and closing achievement gaps.

“To change those student needs and translate those needs to graduation rates and job opportunities for our students,” he said.

Dr. Fierro also mentioned that what this means for the college itself is that it is finally receiving the recognition and validation of all of the students and faculty’s hard work, when more and more students are graduating.

An award like this might demonstrate a tangible example for upcoming students at Cerritos that the school can make a difference if they are considering attending the college.

Learning that the college you plan to go to to further your academic career has a ranking like this might encourage you to attend the college and add to that percentage of graduates.

Cerritos College has a massive variety of careers you can pursue and also offers all of their students the needed services, aid and help to do so.

Evelyn Gonzalez, a third semester student, said “Attending Cerritos College has allowed me to further pursue my education while still being close to home and guiding me towards the academic goal I am aiming for.”

“Cerritos has allowed me to meet people that are on the same path as me and encourage each other to push ourselves and get to the finish line, which is graduating,” Gonzalez said

Cerritos College is ranked ninth because of the positive and encouraging atmosphere it provides to its students and will continue to get higher on this list as the graduation percentage keeps rising in the years to come.

For further information about Cerritos College and its programs log onto the college website.