29 COVID cases confirmed on campus


Vincent Medina

Shawn Martinez receives a wristband after passing the questionnaire at the health screening kiosk. Athletes are required to receive weekly COVID tests, as the 29 case of COVID-19 was found at the college on Aug. 9, 2021.

Vincent Medina, Managing Editor

Cerritos College has reported, as of Sept. 9, that 29 COVID-19 cases were found on campus among students and faculty, since the campus reopened to 50% capacity on Aug. 16.

The report comes ahead of the Oct. 1, vaccine mandate for students and staff at the college.

Vice President of Business Services, Felipe Lopez, said the cases are no cause for concern.

“We have had staff here since the start of the pandemic. With the college opening up with more people, we had the expectation of likely identify additional people that tested positive,” said Lopez.

The Vice President stated that each case is unrelated to the others.

“They appear to be isolated cases. We are a very large campus with muliple departments, and you can see in the reports that they are scattered all over the place,” said Lopez.

COVID cases are reported on the college website.