MySpace ban not taken seriously enough

Tim Dickerson

There are signs posted in the downstairs computer lab in the library that say, “No”

This rule needs stronger enforcement.

The signs say that students will be asked to leave the lab for the remainder of the day, but does anyone really get kicked out?

When I need to do some work for school, I find myself and others waiting around for a long time for computers to become available.

And anyone who has waited for those computers would know that it’s almost like a race when one computer becomes available.

Discussions happened and rules were made against MySpace in the computer labs and they appear to be forgotten because half of the users in the computer have MySpace open.

I understand that the computers should be free for whatever the students want to use them for, as long as they’re moral and legal of course.

After a few hours of classes, it is nice to just mess around on a computer, browsing Internet sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube.

There needs to be boundaries though.

Someone’s relaxing time should not interfere with another’s work.

This is a college, not a computer café. You can find those easily if you want to be on MySpace.

Schoolwork needs to be a higher priority than MySpace.

When the rule was first established that MySpace wasn’t allowed to be used on those computers, a lab technician politely told students to sign off.

The lab technicians should still do this.

I’ve overheard students tell lab technicians that they have papers to write but a bunch of students are just playing with MySpace.

The technicians’ solution now is for students to go up to the individual students and ask if they could use the computer for their schoolwork.

What then? What if the person tells you no?

And there are some students that simply aren’t outgoing.

They just want to quietly work at the computer but are too nervous to stand up and tell someone that their work is more important than his or her MySpace socializing.

The technicians’ jobs should not be the police, the watchmen or the babysitters.

So students need to understand that if they see people waiting for computers, they should sign off of MySpace and allow others to do their classwork.