Wake up people and smell the dolla’ dolla’ bill y’all

The dollar is in the toilet. The stock market is crashing and banking institutions are failing.

Who on campus really cares?

Students on campus should be outraged.

They should be marching in the streets because this affects everyone here.

The economy is the biggest issue facing our generation and we are sitting back, letting the economic policies of our president and his administration lead us down a road to a total economic disaster that has not been seen since the Great Depression.

Jobs are being lost and the cost of living is rising.

Gas prices are outrageous and you probably don’t care.

Well, you should.

You may be worrying about how to get out of debt yourself, and maybe how to make sure that debt doesn’t increase.

Imagine your entire country going deeper and deeper into debt.

What are you going to do then?

The leading financial institutions, you know the place where people borrow money to pay for things such as college, are crumbling because people can’t afford to pay afford to pay their mortgages.

The country has had to borrow so much money from China, a country that has committed more human rights violations than maybe any country that we are in conflict with combined, that there is no way to stand up against them.
If this country were a family that bought a home it would have been repossessed by now by China.

The only positive, if we can really even call it that, is that if you have a job in five years, you might actually afford to buy a house.

Concerned citizens are marching in the streets to protest the war but where is the outrage that we are the first generation since the 1950s that have to be concerned that we might not be better off economically than our parents.

Eight years ago, before the George W. Bush era, this country was in a great economic upswing.

When Bill Clinton left office, we had a budget surplus, one that could have set us up with a stronger dollar, a secure Social Security and economic stability.

Now, eight years later, Bush’s failed programs and unproductive wars have driven us into possible total economic collapse.
If the economy of the U.S. collapses, the world economy will begin to collapse, then the world, not only the U.S., will be totally and utterly screwed.

Today we fear we might not have social security by the time we are of age.

The constant plunge of the stock market is instilling fear in buyers all over the world.

Pretty soon, our dollar will be worth less than the Mexican peso.

Our daily worries have changed drastically. It is now  whether will we have enough money for the things we need, rather than for the things we want, as it was during the economic paradise of the 90s.

The unemployment rate is at its lowest point ever in the past 50 years, and the California state budget is in crisis since it can not borrow money from the federal government to fund its core  necessities. At the rate things are going, California will be out of money by the end of the month.

Who will pick up the tab then? Californians of course. Taxes will be raised, social services will be cut, and in the end, it is us who will suffer.
How is it possible that the seventh largest economy in the world is on the verge of bankruptcy?

It is shady business practices coupled with beaurocratic corruption that is leading to the collapse of this country’s economy, which will eventually lead to the collapse of world markets.

It’s a domino effect.