Obama has a lot to do

In the first war-time presidential transition since the Vietnam War, Barack Obama faces many great challenges in his upcoming role as leader of the free world.

Congratulations to him for being voted in as the first black president.

Like Roosevelt did during the Great Depression, he also faces one of the worst financial crisis in this country. And like Nixon, George W. Bush and others, he faces commanding a country at war on two fronts.

With the weight of the world resting on Obama’s shoulders, he has still remained calm. He has inspired this country and given it “hope.”

Like every President before him, he has promised change for the better. He has promised to fix the problems of the country, and mend the diplomatic ties that have been damaged by past leaders.

A politician promising something, sound familiar?

People need to understand that Obama is not a magician. Change will not come overnight, and will not be reached just because he is not Bush.

So what are the challenges that are staring Obama in the face?

His first challenge is the financial crisis of this country. Economists say this country is in a recession that will only get worse by the time Obama takes office in January.

Obama has been supportive of pumping a second stimulus package to help jump-start the economy. The funds would go towards infrastructure and another set of rebate checks.

He also faces the challenge of bringing troops back home.

Obama has long opposed the war in Iraq, and has supported boosting up troops in Afghanistan where Al-Qaeda has been gaining strength.

He has hinted at a 16-month timeframe in bringing back troops, although it may vary depending on conditions on the ground.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Obama also faces America’s energy crisis.

Although gas is more affordable now than it was during the Kennedy administration, it is still a main concern for many Americans.

Today we might be enjoying a break on the prices, who knows how much higher they will rise next week?

Gas prices in this country have been like a yo-yo recently, going up and down constantly with no specific pattern.

Obama says he is not against off-shore drilling and nuclear power, but he insists on boosting energy efficiency and ardently insists on investing in renewable energy.

With the horrible state this country is in, many people might wonder why anyone would want to be president.

The answer is simple: Everyone wants to leave a legacy behind; everyone wants to be the next FDR. Obama has a big pair of shoes he is trying to fill.