Comics aren’t for kids anymore

Tim Dickerson

Ghost World, 30 Days of Night and Wanted have something in common, other than being rated-R movies.

They are based on comic books.

Comic books aren’t just for kids anymore like they were in the ‘60s.

In fact, they are becoming almost the opposite.

Every medium goes through changes.

The comic book has gone through changes to the point where some have ratings now, not unlike ratings used in movies, TV shows and video games.

Why would comics have ratings if they were all for kids?

Making a general statement that comic books are immature and childish is like making that same statement about cartoon shows.

And saying that cartoons are childish would mean that South Park and Family Guy are for kids.

Comics aren’t just about Spider-Man stopping Dr. Octopus from robbing a bank anymore.

They’re about more mature issues for more mature audiences.

In a mini-series called “Daredevil: Redemption,” the lawyer Matt Murdock was defending a man that was being accused of murdering and mutilating a young boy.

Many parents wouldn’t allow their children to read a story (with detailed artwork) like that.

Another storyline, involving your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, featured a sniper who tried to kill Peter Parker. He and Mary Jane managed to get out of the way, but the bullet hit Aunt May.

Spider-Man decides that he wants revenge in the worst way possible, by reviving the black suit.

Spider-Man has always been about stopping the bad guy, but this story was more about cold-hearted revenge than seeking justice.

Some characters, such as Spawn, have their origins come from very dark stories.

Spawn is a deceased special agent that agreed to become a hellspawn in order to see his wife again.

Not only are there comic book storylines that are too mature for younger audiences, there are stories that children may simply not find interesting.

In recent Marvel comics, the government issued a registration act after a crowded school was accidently blown up by an amateur superhero.

The story continued with the Marvel universe split on different sides, those supporting and those against the registration act.

This isn’t exactly too mature for kids, but it’s a story that a lot of kids won’t care for or have the attention span for.

There are comic books for everybody. Little kids have the Disney cartoon comics and “Marvel Adventures.” The regular superhero series are more for the teens and adults. And there are even pornographic comic books.

Just like movies, television, books and other mediums, comic books aren’t centered toward one age group.

The way comics are today, just about anyone can find one that interests him or her. Not all of them are about superheroes.