Don’t wait for Valentine’s to love

Valentine’s Day is a day for people to celebrate their love for their significant others but Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday and everyone should join to boycott this day.

People should not rely on a day to celebrate their love for their significant others.

They should cherish every moment they have together because you never know how long it will last.

Corporations made up this holiday to get people to spend money for things that are not necessary in a relationship.

Really, how does a chocolate heart or a dozen roses prove you love someone?

Gifts cannot prove love. Gestures and actions prove your love for one another and those can and should be done everyday, not just Valentine’s Day.

Where does it say or who says that a gift has to represent love?

Gifts might be the easy way, but anything worthwhile is worth putting the effort needed to make it work.

Any idiot can go out and buy a fancy ring or teddy bear, but a real man will make a present the old-fashioned way, with paper, glue macaroni and feathers.

Instead of taking your loved one out to a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day just because its Valentine’s Day, do something much more random on a random day is much more meaningful.

In a practical sense, it will also be a lot easier to do on a random day.

Restaurants won’t have two-hour long lines on any other day.

If you have to do something special on a special day, instead of celebrating commercialized holidays, make birthdays and anniversaries that much more special.

Do something special just because is far more romantic than doing it because of a certain day.