Comics became our mythology

Daisy Garcia

Back in ancient times, people worshipped gods and heroes such as Zeus and Artemis.
As time went on, these beings became nothing more than mythology taught in our schools that most high school students don’t take seriously.
Thanks to comic book characters such as Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and more, it seems that we are creating our own modern mythology and our own gods.
It sounds strange but it makes sense.
When we see someone who runs extremely fast, we don’t usually hear, “Man, that guy is as fast Hermes.”
It is more like, “Man, that guy is as fast as Superman/the Flash.”

Even though these comic book heroes do not exist, they still influence us, not only in creating great films, but in our daily lives.

Batman and his nemesis, the Joker, show us that you can do extraordinary things with endurance and wit alone.

He shows us that one does not need super powers to get themselves out of a sticky situation, one just needs a crafty mind and imagination.

Then there’s Spider-Man who teaches us, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
Now, power doesn’t always have to be things like moving objects with your mind.

It could be running a club or organization, such as the student government.

With a position like that, one cannot be just lying around doing nothing or using the title to get good parking.

Being part of student government means doing one’s best to good leader by sacrificing time and effort to improve the school.

These characters are our heroes; they represent hope when the times get tough.

The X-Men show us how people get through prejudice and cruelty of humankind, that being different is a good thing as well as a curse.

It makes me sad to see some adults laugh at comic books or child’s play when they are much more than that.

Hopefully, one day comic books would be taken more seriously and taught more in schools since they will be our mythology one day.

For Pete’s sake, adults should be happy that their kids are bothering to read something.

Comic books are just as effective teaching kids how to spell properly and using proper grammar.