A Healthier Choice

Bobby Chichester

I am a living example of the term fast food addict.

Fast food is known for being convenient, but at what price does that convenience come?

I am a 22-year-old man, and I weigh almost 200 pounds while standing at five feet 11 inches.

I am a victim of fast food.  I know the detrimental effects of fast food, but I cannot stop eating.  It is like an addiction.

Fast food is packed full of fat, carbohydrates, salt and grease.  Why does it taste to good to us?

When you’re on the go and you’re strapped for time and cash, the dollar menu at McDonalds is a tempting thing.

I eat at the food court of Cerritos College every day, and it is a choice I make every day.

I choose between four restaurants every day, and a little voice in the back of my mind whispers to choose your own poison.

I am in love with food and fast food is no exception, be it tacos, hamburgers or hot dogs.  But it comes at a price.

Some restaurants offer healthy alternatives, such as the McDonald’s salads or Subway’s sub sandwiches.

I am quite fond of foods that are full of grease, such as the McDouble from McDonald’s or the Spicy TenderCrisp sandwich from Burger King.

They are cheap, filling and very tasty, but it is not good for the heart, the stomach or your figure.

In my opinion, the best fast food is Subway, as they offer several subs at reasonable prices, although they are more than the $1 burgers at McDonalds.

The Subway menu was pushed into the spotlight by Jared, the mascot who lost a considerable amount of weight by eating the Subway sandwiches.

Not all of us are that dedicated.  Through eating healthier and through exercise anyone can become anothe Jared.

The oil and grease of fast food is bad for the heart and it can cause blood problems if consumed in large amounts.

I eat fast food at least once a week and it is very hard to wean yourself off good food, even when you know it is bad for you.

The irony of fast food is that I was born with a weak heart and I eat a lot of salt and grease.

I feel that with each burger, taco, burrito or sandwich I consume, I push myself closer to the day I have a coronary.

The Cerritos College food court is no exception to the trappings of fast food and the danger it poses.

The food court offers a choice between Taco Bell, Chicago Harv’s, Frantone’s Pizza and Oh No Tokyo sushi.

Where are the salads and the health foods?

Every time you order a burger from Chicago Harv’s, you’re just adding to how much you weigh.  The meat offers no vitamins except perhaps iron and some protein.

We should have a fifth restaurant so the health conscious students can eat healthier foods and they won’t be just burning their money and slowly killing themselves.

This may all sound extreme, but it is true.  It only takes one burger to become addicted.

Now, don’t get my points wrong.  Fast food is ok in moderation, but there should be healthier alternatives everywhere, not just at some places.

Fast food can be good or bad for you, it just depends on how much of it you eat and how often.

If you eat nothing but fast food, you’ll probably be overweight and unhealthy.

It is all about one key word.  Moderation is the key.

Cerritos College should offer healthier alternatives to their menus and provide the students with more variety in the vending machines.

While chocolate and chips taste good, there are other snacks that can be better, such as fresh fruit and vegetables.

The college and other fast food restaurants need to implement a healthier menu of foods, so that students are able to choose their own foods without having to worry about too much salt, grease and fat.