Chichester – Pet Opinion#

Bobby Chichester

There are many benefits to having one or more animal companions.

Pets can help to relieve stress and help ease feelings of loneliness.

By petting a cat or dog, a human can express his love for an animal as well as relieve his own stress and help to please the animal.

In addition to the above, a dog or cat can curl up in your lap and sleep, and its warmth will radiate through you, causing love and happiness.

There are many different pets that can comfort humans, from snakes to lizards or even pet fish.

A lap dog can help relieve stress of a human, simply by providing warmth and comfort.

Cats make good pets as well.

I have a cat, and she is the sweetest animal I’ve ever seen.

She knows when I’m sad or when I need to be comforted.

Several unconventional pets also make good companions.

Snakes are surprisingly attentive to humans, or at least mine is.

My three-month-old boa constrictor, Sniper, knows just how to make me feel better.

He curls around my arm and sleeps.

How a snake helps, I do not know, but the warmth of a scaly friend is always welcome to me.

Ferrets are also good pets, and are quite smart.

My ferret, Shadow, likes to sleep in bed with me, and his warmth comforts me on the lonely nights.

That is not to say that only weird pets are comforting.

Dogs are excellent companions, and they are probably the best pet a person can have.

Most breeds of dogs make excellent furry friends and they know just how their owners feel.

My dog, Sabin, knows when I am feeling sad, and he comforts me by nuzzling my hand with his wet nose.

All animals can give comfort to humans, in their own way.

Small animals can give warmth, comfort and help to their owners.

Pets make great companions, and everyone can benefit from a pet.

I have seven different pets, and each of them have cheered me up in one way or another.

Animals are the creatures we share our world with, and both humans and animals benefit from being together.