Parking strife will be worth it

An inconvenient truth for Cerritos students is the consistent unavailability of parking. Students are heard complaining about the lack of spaces that cause them to be late for class and sometimes cause altercations between parking space searchers.

The reason for the lack of available parking is the construction around the C-6 lot. While it is causing such a bother for students in a hurry to classes, one must remember that it will be better for future students going to Cerritos College.

The green fencing and tarp that is dividing up the C-6 lot will be home to the newest Classroom/Lab/Office Building. The scheduled completion of this building is Feb. of next year.

The Southland Cerritos Center for Transportation Technologies building, which will be located near the campus police department will also be finished around Feb. of 2011.

While patience must be had with the on-going construction, students’ safety must be accounted for.

Blind corners, crowded lots, and misguiding arrows prove to be more than an inconvenience to students.

If construction must be continued, it is asked that more attention be given to the impact of fences and such on safety.

The beautification of the campus, expansion, and growth are on the tops of many lists and they overcome the slight bumps caused by limited parking availability.

Remember the next time you are looking, or maybe fighting, for a parking space that in the end, the slight inconveniences will be worth the trouble.