Campus solicitors are crossing the line

Arianna Smith

“Excuse me, can you sign this bill to stop baby ducks from being exported to Peru?”

“Hi, can I sell you this magic lotion to make your stretch marks disappear?”

These kinds of interruptions trouble students as they make their way to and from class. School isn’t another way to advertise your products, political arguments or other things.

That is why commercials exist, and at least you can mute them then.

The student government at Lakewood High School finally said enough is enough last semester and fashioned a bill that not only bars solicitors from coming on the school campus, but now the students are demanding that solicitors be banned from being near campus.

 The bill creates a safety zone around public schools K-12 so that solicitors won’t bother kids as they hang around outside or go off of campus for lunch.

Frankly, this bill is genius and should not only be limited to K-12 schools, but extended to colleges as well.

Some people, like registered nursing major Selina Ramirez, are all for solicitors and even feel that they can benefit our school in a good way. “It’s a college and everybody’s welcome here, but if they aren’t being productive then maybe they shouldn’t be welcomed.”

Ramirez went on to add, “It inspires people to want more in life. We live in a diverse world and we need to learn to get along with different types of people.”

It’s obvious that college students are adults and these solicitors have their rights, but we pay $26 per unit to learn the courses we signed up for, not to be bombarded like we are walking through a commercial twilight zone.

Alex Morales, art major, and nursing major Priscella Aispuro feel that these solicitors make students uncomfortable. “They kind of upset me,” Morales states.

Morales went on to add ,”When I have my off days and I don’t feel like being bothered and it just feels like they just get all in my face.”

Aispuro adds, “I know some students really don’t like it because it makes them late to class.

No one likes to have to take alternate routes to avoid these people, making them late to class or just flat out irritated.

So please, let’s bond together and put those solicitors back where they belong: on billboards, television screens and newspaper ads; not on our campuses or anyone else’s.