Working class shouldn’t stand for recent hiring freeze

Melissa Maestro

Déjà vu should be felt among anyone who remembers the “hiring freeze” that we were struck with in 2008.

Gov. Jerryy Brown’s icy orders on Feb. 15 were reminicsent of former governer Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze-like behavior nearly three years ago.

According to the dictionary, it means an employer decides to stop hiring employees for all non-essential positions.

According to me, it means chaos among people who will be contemplating on ways to support themselves and their family.

The resources we need to live daily come at an expense. Without accssible employment, our well-being suffers.

Not only has employment been hard to find for the past decade, but now any  new employment has come to a halt.

Our state has resulted in yet again another ridiculous hiring freeze that is unnecessary and should be reconsidered.

If the reasoning behind Jerry Brown’s idea is that it will help save money for our state, then why won’t he cut the wages of those who work for the state?

Politicians are sacrificing the lives of ordinary people who need jobs, to support their families, yet they will not sacrifice some of their own money?

That simply proves that those who run our state will not support their people.

They will only invest in themselves.

Our government works in rotation, just as everything does. By hiring more people, more money would be spent.

With more money being spent, revenue would eventually end back into the state’s hands and our rotation will continue.

We have gone from one governor to another and not one of them can create a proper budget that will suit everyone.

Why can’t any of these politicians get it right?

Wasn’t Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger also supposed to help us get through our statewide debt?

Instead we have another public figure that can’t agree on a proper budget and continues to ruin any chances for people to land jobs.

He has disappointed the people who voted for him, who had hoped he could, in fact, help our state with its money issues.

We’re stuck in the same boat we were in before Brown got voted in as governor.

If there is going to be a freeze in hiring that will affect every person, that should include state-employee paychecks.

What’s good for us is good for them.