The Republican’s party is one we should not attend


Crazy lunatic Chairman Hal Rogers from House Appropriation announced in Washington, D.C a partial list of 70 spending cuts that will be included in an upcoming continuing resolution bill insulting the American people.

The total spending cuts in the Continuing Resolution of $74 billion, including $58 billion in non-security discretionary spending reductions will be taken away from government programs.

This continuing resolution bill from the Republican Party is another way they show that republicans don’t care for the average American’s future and financial problems.

By defending $ 20 billion in government giveaways to oil companies and protecting the top 2 percent in Wall Street in 2008 with their $800 billion bailout are now insulting Americans intelligence once again with this CR bill on their expense.

This type of action by the Republican Party tells Americans that we need change from us in Washington D.C., and help to take out these non-patriotic Republicans out of office.

The Republican Party that put America in debt in 2000 during the Bush administration and profited billions for oil companies know having middle class America carry the debt of this continuing resolution bill.

Never before in the history of this sober nation has congress undertaken a task of this magnitude.

Make no mistake these cuts will have an impact in every district across the United States making it hard for millions of middle class Americans hard to support themselves and the lower class worse.

We patriotic Americans should say no to this CR bill by having the top 2 percent in Wall Street fix its own debt it put our wonderful nation into and raise taxes for corporate America and cutting the Pentagon spending budget .

If we decide to do this we could generate billions of dollars, fixing the debt they put us into.

Without having to cut government programs, like taking away $700 billion from WIC or $775 million from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention programs, that benefit millions of Americans in the United States.