Gay rights education should stay out of public schools


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Pete Moye’
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What is the definition of “gay rights?” Most people would describe it as the equality of social and civil liberties.

Indeed, gay rights are exactly that. They are something that all homosexual men and women have been fighting for, and will continue to fight for. After all, anything worthwhile is worth fighting for.

The problem comes when gay rights goes from a protest-specific platform to an expectation. It is one thing for homosexuals to seek the same equality that the rest of the country experiences, but it begins to become problematic when it goes to that of an earned desire.

Now, the homosexual community is lobbying to have “gay rights” taught in our schools. This idea is simply preposterous. In essence, such a proposal would promote rebellion from the same laws and restrictions that the heterosexual community has to adhere to on a daily basis.

Who among us wants our children to learn about famous gay figures throughout our country? No one wants our youth to be corrupted with meaningless banter of any specific group, even if it is from the homosexual community.

If we do this, why don’t we take it a step further and bring back proposition 19 to legalize marijuana and allow that in our schools as well. Hey, while we are at it, why don’t we bring back the initiative to teach “Ebonics” in schools also?

We could have one big school system of stoned, “ghetto” vernacular speaking homosexuals. Why don’t we teach them the proper street etiquette for holding a firearm? We could completely revamp the K-12 curriculum.

Of course not, right? We would never do something like this because we know that if nothing else, we don’t want the slightest possibility of introducing our children to anything that could even remotely be conceived as providing a less than desirable impression for our youth.

There would be no need for parents anymore. What would the purpose of a parent be if a youth can go to school and learn about sexuality, drugs, bad habits, and who knows what else?

In a lot of schools, the Pledge of Allegiance has been altered so that it would not include “GOD” because people were offended. How is it acceptable to take “GOD” out of schools and replace it with gay in schools?

Of course, some people will argue that this all being blown out of proportion and misunderstood. Some people will say that there is nothing wrong with teaching students about prominent gay figures. Some people may comment that it is more of a unity driven initiative intended to bridge the divide between gay and straight students.

If this is your argument, has there ever been, or is there now a club or educational opportunity that brings together the groups of white supremacy and extreme minorities? NO!

The world is constantly changing, but it hasn’t changed that much, and even if it has, it would still be up to the parents to determine the best interests of their children. Gay or straight, we should all be allowed to live equally. No group should be catered to more than any other group. Is anyone of more value than the other?

I didn’t think so. Here is the bottom line. Whatever we do in the privacy of our own homes is our own business. We all have the right to decide who we would like to spend our time with socially. No one is questioning the homosexual lifestyle, but that lifestyle in our schools where our young and impressionable youth seeks out the path that will shape the person that they will become in their lives has no place.

Just like we don’t like to be solicited with advertisements, phone calls, and signatures, we also don’t like, nor are willing to accept being solicited sexuality either.