Cerritos College needs to do more for it’s student parents


Pete Moye'

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Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

There is no denying that school is a full time job. Any student that takes more than a few units at a time can attest to just how draining it is. Then factor in the added strain of a personal life, especially a personal life that contains a child.

Cerritos college student parents are treated campus wide like some sort of plague. No one seems to in the least care about the students that also happen to be parents. It has gotten to the point where students have elected to bring their children to class with them.

Pete Moye’
Opinion Button

Cerritos either needs to accept students bringing their children to classes consistently, or step it up and give the same amount of attention to this pressing need as is given to arguably unimportant things like campus upgrades.

It doesn’t seem like there are any other viable options. Cerritos as a whole doesn’t seem to care about its student parents.

Sure, there is a child development center on campus, but there are better odds of hitting the lottery than even getting a call for the waiting list.

There are prisons in America that treat its inmates better than we treat our student parents. In some prisons, pregnant female inmates are even allowed to care for their child for an agreed upon time.

This makes absolutely no sense! How can Cerritos care more about the types of food that is served on campus than about the longevity of student success?

Clearly, one would not even attempt to conclude that the single option of the impossible childcare center on campus is sufficient for the needs of student parents.

Is it a meaning of priority? Because if it is, maybe the answer is to implement a similar registration process like we do for classes.

Is the issue finances? It can’t be that because it seems like for a school that claims to be so cash strapped, it sure has money for the things that it needs.

Is the problem supply and demand? This seems like the least likely of all because clearly there aren’t less children being born, and as is indicative of our fall registration, there definitely is not a shortage in students.

Cerritos can afford to spend money on a top of the line football stadium and a state of the art aquatics arena but can’t seem to scrape up a few bucks to ensure that our student parents can actually come to class.

Maybe we could build a place that is suitable for those who need it and have it serve double duty as a childcare facility and golf course. That way we maximize our profits and ensure that our sports are covered in the process.

Give them a chance! We all make mistakes in our lives. Some of us have children sooner than you or even we anticipated, but in reality, we still deserve to learn without having to tend to our children while attempting to take notes in a lecture hall at the same time.