Is campus construction good or bad thing


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Pete Moye’
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Some say change is a bad thing others say change is a good thing.

The late Harold Wilson said “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.”

Construction has been taking place at the Cerritos College campus since 2009.

It started off with the construction of the new science building, which is located on the southwest part of campus.

The second project started in 2010, which was the beginning of reconstruction of the old gymnasium.

The construction of the new science building took about three years to finish but the finished project was well worth the wait.

Its immaculate size and unique architecture separate it from all the building, easily proving the point of change is a good thing.

The gymnasium is projected to be finished by winter 2012 at the latest.

So with all this said, the question to answer is why are students so against the construction of Cerritos College?

Are we not as students always complaining that are government does not does not put enough money in our school system and our state is in debt.

It seems so contradicting that we criticize the hand that feeds us.

Who are we to say no to change, especially when that change is good.

One of the many complaints over the years has been that Cerritos College is cutting classes and students are not able to transfer and earn their degree because of it.

How can those same students who complain about the class cuts, complain about the constrution?

It is because of this construction of the new science building and gymnasium that these college students are able to transfer and earn their degree a lot faster.

These new buildings add classes to the student course catalog, which gives students more of a selection of classes.

Without change we can not expect to advance.