Cross training helps athletes develop multiple skills


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Cross training is when an athlete who is great in a certain sport but decides to join a different sport to learn and develop things he may not have or been able to obtain in the sport he excels in.

Is cross training useful? cross training can be useful if it’s done the right away and with good intentions.

A defensive lineman on the football team may be a dominant force because of his size but he needs to work on his speed.

The defensive lineman may want to join a sport such as wrestling, where they will compete with other wrestlers that are their size but also work on your speed and quickness with your hands and feet.

By working on moves and technique on the wrestling mat during practices can then be applied to what that athlete does on the football field.

Being able to develop quickness and speed with your hands and feet can be carried over such as being able to move and work around your opponent.

Not only does it keep you from increasing your athleticism and building your technique but it keeps you in game shape.

During down time, many sports teams often do light workouts or sometimes nothing at all, but joining another sport pushes you during a time that would often be down time to perform both mentally and physical for your sport of choice.