Turntable DJs drown out WPMD’s own

Enrique Rivera and Enrique Rivera

DJs on Falcon Square should play music elsewhere so that Cerritos’ own WPMD DJs can be heard.

Most DJs play their music on the Hill, which is very near to the only speakers on campus.

The DJs play their music loudly during some students’ radio shows.

As a host of my own music show, I would hate any DJs overplaying their music so that students on campus only hear them and not mine.

The whole point of a college radio station is to play music, inform or even entertain the students on campus.

When a radio personality/DJ gets enough support from his intended audience, it encourages them to keep doing their show and follow their dreams and fulfilling their major.

Besides, how cool will it be if one of our radio personalities gets famous?

We’ll be able to tell everyone that we know a famous person or that we went to the same school as that famous person.

Sometimes, some of the individual DJs play the exact same music as some of the radio shows play only louder.

The school should also arrange more speakers around campus so that more students are able to listen to shows while on their breaks or while they’re hanging out.

WPMD personalities should get as much support as any other department because it’s one of the things that makes us unique as a community college.

It not only benefits the radio personalities but also the students of the campus.

Even if the school contracts the individual DJs, the DJs can easily work on getting their own show on WPMD and play their music there.

That is the main reason there is a radio station on campus.