The reality of 2012

Jose Ruiz and Jose Ruiz

The idea that the world will end in 2012 is a foolish one.

Like most people are aware of, the Mayan calendar ends on December 21st, 2012 just like our calendar ends on December 31st.

So why do some of us believe the world will end on this day, only because this is the oldest apocalyptic prediction with an exact date.

I use to be very naïve so people would always ask me, ”why do you believe everything people say?” and I would always reply,” why do people lie, why would they lie?.”

People have predicted the end of the world all throughout history and have always been wrong, clearly.

There has not been any scientific proof of the world coming to an end, and after all, science is our reality.

“2012”, a hit movie which made millions of dollars in 2009, plays on the idea of “what if” the prediction was actually true.

Massive earthquakes, super volcanic eruptions, huge twisters and gigantic tidal waves are some of the ideas people have of what will happen. Others believe in earth-destroying meteors and asteroids. All are fantasies.

From a logical point of view, one would wonder if the Mayan calendar ended for a reason. Would you expect the calendar to continue going on until the year 2948? It had to end at some point.

Its just a calendar, a really long complicated calendar that will restart just like any other did.

The world will not end because there isn’t evidence that says so, and because it’s logical to say that any given calendar doesn’t say things will happen, people do.