Athletes deserve higher priority

Matthew Caldwell and Matthew Caldwell

Athletes should get first pick on classes each semester.

Athletes are the ones who put out a name for our colleges, if a school has poor sports teams chances are that not many students will attend that school and that affects a lot of boundaries for the school.

If a school has a good sports program then students will be attracted to attend that school and even attend the games.

Athletes make their schools prosper.

Athletes are pretty much the face of a college, for instance we know USC has a wonderful education program but primarily what to people know USC for? Its sports teams.

Kids dream of going to USC and playing for that team and possibly for the National Championship.

Each school is going to do what it can to enhance the way they’re looked at and to attract as many students as the campus can.

With a good sports program, any student will consider to attend that school. All the banners in the gym look nice.

Colleges like to favor the athletes more than the average student.

You’ve probably heard recently about all these big name schools getting in trouble for giving its star players extra benefits and gifts.

Colleges are willing to take the risk of pampering a pro star in order to attract students and fans to the school and the games.

Its when athletes start dropping classes, not attending, or not giving their 110 percent effort in order to pass the class.

That’s where the line should been drawn with priority registration.