Should smoking on campus be banned? – Con

Mario Jimenez and Mario Jimenez

University of California President Mark Yudof asked chancellors all over the state to form committees on their respective campuses to implement smoke-free policies over the next two years on Jan. 9.

In my opinion that’s not fair. I think there could be a better solution.

Designated smoking areas can be created around campus for students that consume tobacco products.

If a person is allowed to consume tobacco products legally, why aren’t there more designated areas for smokers to smoke instead of trying to scold them by prohibiting their habit in certain areas.

If there are people out there that actually think that smoking bans will lower the number of smokers, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Smoking is as addicting as any habit there is, which means that smokers will find a way to smoke.

The fact that smokers that attend UCs will now soon be risking citations every time they have a smoking break in between classes or any other times on campus is wrong.

In no way am I trying to say smoking is healthy but it is a problem. It’s a problem that been around profiting the pockets of tobacco giants and banks for years.

It has become a habit so addicting and deadly that few people live to tell about how they kicked it.

Stricter laws on smoking is only profiting the government now that smokers can be cited under certain circumstances.

Why not try to stop the problem instead of making it worse?

Well that’s simply because we’re currently living in a global fascist-state that is designed for us to fail due to the fact that there is a huge gap between rich and poor.

The rich profit off of everything there is and the poor struggle but get nowhere.

We need to try to fix the problem and come up with solutions on how to treat the psychological dependence the brain develops toward nicotine.

We should create more designated smoking areas instead of making the problem worse for smokers by fining them.