Graduating into employment


Alejandra Ayala

Editorial cartoon by Alejandra Ayala

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

President Barack Obama has announced an initiative of a partnership between community colleges and businesses that he hopes would train workers in skills that can lead them directly into a job.

This will greatly help people that are looking for a job, like the people that want to obtain employment, but are unable to do so for lack of experience.

A great thing about this initiative is that it virtually removes the ever-present argument of “how do I get experience when no one will give it to me.

One great benefit about this plan is that not only would it motivate more people to return back to school, but the benefit of completing their collegiate education the increased potential of obtaining gainful employment.

Since students would have an increased chance at finding a job after graduating, they are more likely to stick with school.

It seems as if the benefits far outweigh any risks as far as this is concerned.

While community colleges can potentially become viewed as more of trade-school type education, the end goal of the varying types of institutions remains the same. Employment.

This program is a good thing, with tremendous potential to drastically benefit and build the struggling economy that we currently experience.

Students would no longer have to be concerned about being viewed as inexperienced hopefuls, and employers would be able to rest in knowing that they have an opportunity to gain a fresh, determined employee.

This program would help all students. While Cerritos College is already a truly wonderful place for students to experience education, it would become a place of hope, excitement, and increased success.

We need to all keep our fingers crossed and hope that this initiative gains steam, because as it grows, so grows our chance at education.