School’s computers and social networking sites shouldn’t mix

Lauren Gandara and Lauren Gandara

Campus computers are not available so that students can update their status on Facebook or Twitter and should therefore be unaccessible to students.

Computer labs in classrooms and the library are there so that students can research and do homework for their classes.

They are there to try to help students so that they don’t have to go off campus for internet access.

However, most students will be sneaky and have a tab open to their social network.

I didn’t know that it was vitally important to a person that all of his friends and family know that he is bored while at Cerritos College.

I know that in this day an age, Twitter and Facebook pretty much run everyone’s lives, but there is a time and place for everything.

It’s bad enough that as a superpower we are behind in education compared to other countries like Japan.

What’s worse it that it’s because we are too busy finding out that Debbie Johnson just bought a new dress at Forever 21, instead of doing research for our science or history classes so that we can become smarter.

Those students that are trying to get work done before they go home are limited to the amount of computers available because other students are too busy instant messaging their friends and seeing who was invited to Saturday’s party.

If students really need to access their Facebook or Twitter, then they can get an app on their phones or bring their laptops.

If not, then why are they wasting time and computer space?