Company promoters on campus need to back off

We should not have distractions such as promoters on campus.

When walking to our cars, we see flyers on the windows under the windshield wipers.

These people are trying to get a job done. but as students, we have a job to do too.

We as students are here to learn.

There is time for partying, but couldn’t that be brought to our attention in a different way?

With the success and popularity of social networking today, this way of communication should be a good enough tool to get the word out about bands, parties and clubs.

During the day we sometimes have a table set up by the radio station where they play music, as well as the music already being played through the radio station.

That does give students a sense of relaxation when stressed.

They can just take a break and listen to the music.

The goal is the same for these club promoters. They are giving us flyers knowing we need the break and relaxation, but they are not needed in this distracting way of being placed on our cars.

Cerritos College should have more control on this situation.

We are staffed with parking security that should be aware of the acts of students in the parking lot.

Parking security should be given the authority to possibly confiscate flyers and give out a consequence for the distributor of the flyer.

Another form of promotion at school, are the chase banks and other companies like them, telling us we should open up a student account.

If this is legit and not a scam, couldn’t it be done in a different way such as, the school making a deal with the bank to hold a meeting with students.

A day where we come to school aware of the banks being there, and we sit and learn what are the benefits of the account, then we as students decide what to do.

Instead of being harassed on the way to class by these persistent people.

It isn’t like they ask, we say no, and they walk away.

They are typical salesmen and will do anything to get us to say yes.

These people are annoying when we are on our way to the library to write an essay, or on our way to class to take a big test.

The point of being at school is to stay focused.

If we are constantly being presented all these things that aren’t necessarily school related, it may take up time needed for other tasks to get done.

The time for partying is on the weekends, and shouldn’t be dealt with during the week at school.

And the time to get financially set up for school should be done either before school starts or at a time when we aren’t in school stressed out or trying to get our minds off of school while at the game room or out listening to the radio station.

There is a time and place for everything, and promoters shouldn’t have a time and place at our school.