Cleaning up after ourselves


Alejandra Ayala

Editorial cartoon by Alejandra Alaya

Enrique Rivera and Enrique Rivera

The Cerritos College public bathrooms are dysfunctional and unpleasant to take care of business in and the only ones to blame are us as students.

Students are doing a crap job at taking care of business while they’re taking care of business.

The school’s janitors are working very hard on doing their job and cleaning what has to be cleaned, the way it has to be cleaned.

Some things in the bathrooms are unable to be cleaned/fixed as “simple” as other things.

There is a door missing in one of the stalls in the men’s bathroom at the Fine Arts Building.

Who in the world would be comfortable with taking care of business like that?

There are bathrooms around campus that are not brutally beaten but just tagged with unnecessary comments.

There’s a famous saying:

“Be like dad, not like sis – lift the lid, before you piss.”

Let’s help ourselves by making our restrooms look pleasant enough to take care of business in.

Let’s also think of the janitors.

They get paid to take care of our natural duties, not take care of our unnatural rudeness.

We are college students, not high school students and for most, your mother doesn’t work here.

Clean up after yourself, don’t write your cheap stand-up comedy material on the bathrooms stalls.

Do stand-up comedy instead of writing your jokes on the bathrooms.

If people want to laugh, they’d go to a comedy show and not the bathroom.

Don’t mess with the stalls’ doors. The last thing we want is to have a missing door and to accidentally see something disturbing while in the bathroom.

Being morally correct in the bathroom does not even take long.

It takes more time to be rude in the bathroom than it takes to be morally correct.

Cleaning takes seconds while writing takes minutes.

Don’t embarrass yourself and the school.

The last thing we want to hear is of how our school bathrooms are unsanitary and unhealthy.

No one is impressed with “artwork” in the bathrooms so stop it. No one would care for the Mona Lisa if it was surrounded by crap.

Take care of business while you’re taking care of business.