We should do away with voting for highschool type activities

After senior year of high school, you would think that college students would be over the whole voting for king and queen of the school stuff and it would just end there, but it doesn’t.

We have homecoming courts and Mr. Cerritos instead, which are pretty much the same thing as what we dealt with every year of high school.

It is so outdated, ridiculous, a complete waste of time, and serves no purpose to our college campus.

Why are people so intrigued with who the most popular or most liked student is? Are we still stuck trying to relive our high school glory days?

Honestly, most people could care less who the homecoming queen or who Mr. Cerritos is. The only people who really vote are people who know the running candidates, just like every election at school.

What does the Homecoming Queen or Mr. Cerritos do for us students? Absolutely nothing.

It doesn’t help us out with paying for our classes or helping us pass our classes.

So why have these court elections? It doesn’t affect any of us so why should we care who wins and who loses.

It’s exactly like high school, one night where the court gets all fancy and dressed up, the winner gets crowned, and then you go home. Is that really something people should look forward to?

If they want a crown so badly, they can go buy one at Party Warehouse for 12 bucks and walk around school, doing the Princess Diana wave.

If the student government wants the campus to get involved so badly, it should think of something other than what reminds us of why we found high school to be nothing but a popularity contest all four years.