Co-ed sports is something that should not be considered

Cassandra Meuret


Co-ed sports do not exist most of the time at schools, especially colleges, because of physical differences and this is all the more reason why co-ed sports should not be allowed.

Cerritos College does not offer co-ed sports and in my opinion should keep it that way.

Men and women have different physical capabilities and it is a fact that the vast majority of men are stronger than women.

Due to the physical differences and strength discrepancy between men and woman, sports have been separated to keep the playing field fair and safe.

Imagine football being mixed with both men and women. A 250-pound linebacker charging at a 150-pound woman doesn’t exactly seem like the safest scenario.

By sports being separated it gives a more equal playing field.

Why would someone would want to integrate men and women on to the same team?

Men and women are completely different and that needs to be accepted.

Neither is better than the other there are just physical differences and the separation of sports is a healthier choice than integration.

Sports are separated with different teams for men and woman to join. There could not be a more equal solution than this.

With separate teams men and woman are able to perform to their maximum capabilities and the mixture of testosterone and estrogen will not play an advantage or disadvantage to the teams.