Former convicts have the right to school too

Talon Marks Online Opinion

Talon Marks Online Opinion

Talon Marks Online Opinion

Should former convicts be allowed to attend school? Absolutely!

There’s no doubt that felons deserve the opportunity to go to school.

Denying felons the right to go to school would serve no point in sending them to prison, other than punishing them for their actions

When a person is incarcerated for an extended period, it may have a negative or positive impact on his/her life depending on the decisions they’ve made, especially in California where segregation and prison politics are everyday life.

For the people that go into prison looking to expand their criminal knowledge there are many opportunities, however those who choose to change their ways because a life in prison doesn’t suit them, they have the hardest time staying out of trouble due to segregation and prison politics.

The last thing a felon wants to experience while trying to make a change for the better is discrimination, and that would be the message being sent by not allowing former convicts to attend school.

School is a good place for a former convict to transition back into society after being institutionalized, an example of this would be to point out the fact that while attending school one learns lifelong lessons and develops professional skills that helps them realize how to become a lifelong productive member of society.

If former convicts were to be denied the right to attend school it would send them right back to the careless lifestyle that sent them to prison in the first place.

Sure there are criminals that don’t have the drive to change and wind up becoming a product of the system, but not every former convict thinks the same.

In conclusion banning former convicts from attending school would start a huge problem while really not fixing any.