Accountability for no confidence vote is on everyone

As students of Cerritos College, we have a voice and it needs to be heard.

Our student government has approved a vote of no confidence against its director Holly Bogdanovich, due to claims of a lack of transparency and communication.

Of course, the only people who know whether or not these claims are true are Bogdanavich and the people making the claims. However, if this is truly the case, it is time for a change.

As students, we may not always have the correct sense of direction when it comes to our decision-making. This situation does not only affect the Associated Students of Cerritos College, but the entire student body as well.

Major figures in our student government, including ASCC President Jasmin Ramirez, make the claim that they were not given any transparency by their director as far as what can or cannot be done for the student body.

That being the case, doesn’t that mean that we aren’t receiving all the support we possibly can?

We are supposed to trust our student government and believe that its leaders are being taught and trained to do everything in their power to help their constituents, in this case the students of Cerritos College.

Our student leaders cannot do their job if they are not trained properly on how to do it, and that begins at the very top.

However, there is no need to grab torches and pitchforks and gather outside the Student Activities Office just yet.

It is not just the director of Student Activities that needs to be held accountable.

Our administration needs to be held just as accountable for various reasons: first, for not keeping a closer eye on what is going on within student government and secondly, for not holding the director accountable for whatever it is she is being accused of doing, or in this case, not doing.

Perhaps if administration had stepped in earlier, there wouldn’t be such a conflict between student leaders and the director. Maybe it could have been resolved in a more professional manner, as previously suggested by Student Trustee Areal Hughes.

Granted, Bogdanovich took a five-month medical leave due to injury, and it is in no one’s place to cast judgment on her for doing so. But if students have a claim, there needs to be some entity to listen and assist them.

After all, isn’t that why we’re here?

Without some sort of guidance, whether it be in student government or in life, we are all just a bunch of chickens running around with our heads cut off.