The idea of a bike lane on campus is pointless

Cerritos College should not have bike lanes on campus.

Students of Cerritos College are adults and should be held responsible for their actions, so if someone gets hurt as a result of riding their bike on campus, that is something that that person would have to be held responsible for.

Our campus should not be subjected to the same rules as the streets we drive on because our campus is not a highway.

Would the bike lanes be specifically for people with bikes, or would people with skateboards and golf carts be expected to follow the rule as well?

That shouldn’t be the case. People should be free to use the campus to get to and from classes just like a walking student.

A student being hurt on campus as a result of someone riding on a bike would be the only reason why having a bike lane would be acceptable, and even in that case, the student that was hurt would need to share some responsibility for not being aware of their surroundings.

Yes the lane will be there for students to ride their bikes in, but what about the golf carts and skateboards, will they all be able to use this lane?

That would easily crowd the lane. With no lane, there is actually more space to accommodate this mode of transportation.

The argument should not even be made muchless considered.