Students should be required to take general education classes before choosing a major

Jose Ruiz, Jose Ruiz, and Jose Ruiz

There are many different majors that students can pursue. Depending on what major they choose, they are required to take the classes that correspond with their career choices.

Before students decide on what they are going to major in, they should have to take general education-required classes.

There are those people who believe that some general classes are unnecessary because of their career choices.

For example, a business major might not feel that they need to take certain art classes such as dancing.

Of course, there is a variety of art classes one can take, but depending on your major, you may find it unnecessary to take certain classes.

Students should take GE-required classes because not only will they have experience in other educational areas, but they might even develop a greater interest in something that hasn’t crossed their mind before.

College is for everyone, not just those people who have career plans.

The majority of students in colleges don’t even know what they want to do for a career, so by taking required education classes, they are slowly but surely discovering better opportunities in the work force for themselves.

General required courses should be taken by college students because as educated people, they need to be well rounded in there education.

Even if you have decided on what to major in, it is still necessary to be well rounded in your education. For example a student who majors in philosophy might find a geography class useful due to its environmental information.

Although some classes may seem unnecessary, they are not a waste of time. Any class you take during your college career will be with you for the rest of your life and those life skills you will always be able to use.