Should Culinary Arts students get paid?

Culinary Arts students should not get paid because its unfair to the other students at Cerritos College

Granted the students of the Culinary Arts Department do spend time cooking and serving food to other students in the cafeteria, however they are not our primary source of food that would be the only understandable reason to pay them.

Cerritos College should still support the Culinary Arts Department as well as the other sources of food on campus, neither of which should be taken away.

We should just be aware of the fact that the Culinary Arts students are just students and still have a long way to go before getting paid to cook in a restaurant.

Even though the students in Culinary Arts cook food that is given to other students they are still learning and are still just students.

If they need money they can get a job like everyone else.

The actors of the Theatre Department do not get paid for their performances that are presented to students of Cerritos College.

The hair stylists of the Cosmetology Department do not get paid for giving haircuts to students, they only ask for donations.

The Culinary Arts Department should take from that idea and have a tip jar, if they see the need to have money.

If the Culinary students wanted to get paid, they could easily tell the students purchasing the food to donate some money for tips.

The purpose of being in college is to learn about a subject or learn a specific skill, and prepare yourself to go into to work force after graduation.

When the transition of school to work happens, people can get paid for their work.