Increasing fees for more difficult classes unfair

The college is thinking of increasing fees for the classes they categorize as more difficult and this sends the wrong message to students.

Increased budget cuts are creating stress amongst colleges and the continuous cuts seem to have no end. Faculty are being forced to increase tuition but proposing this new idea of increasing the cost of classes that are more difficult than others should not be one of the ways they cope with their financial difficulties.

There is an understanding on why some classes have to be cut and the possibility of summer not being available for students to take classes but on what grounds is the college basing the idea of making harder majors more expensive?

This proposition makes students question whether or not the college is trying to send out a message that some majors are more valuable than others and therefore students are going to pay a higher cost if they want a more “prestigious” career.

This idea does not make sense to me because the difficulty of classes is all relative and really depends on the individual. A student may have a bigger interest in one subject versus another and due to this conflict in interest may think that a certain class is easier or harder based on individual interest and not material difficulty.

If a class costs the same to run as another regardless of the difficulty level then the student should not have to pay more for it.

This could send a negative message to the students who are taking the less expensive classes since those classes will be labeled as the “less prestigious”.

There is already a distinction between classes that are marked as transferable classes and the ones that are not transferable. So would this mean that the classes that are credited transfer courses be more expensive to take? If so then this could cause a financial conflict for students who are trying to transfer to a university.

If the school needs to find ways to increase tuition then they should generalize it and have every student pay more rather than discriminate against the students who are majoring in arguably “more difficult” majors.