Campus restroom renovations are worth the wait

Jaime Flores and Jaime Flores

Renovations on Cerritos College restrooms are worth the wait for students, regardless of the fact some students during the summer semester have had to walk a further distance to use the restroom for the time being.

There have been stalls that haven’t had doors for privacy, which could be awkward walking in during someone’s bowel movements.

No student wants to see broken locks, vandalized stalls and shattered glass because they ruin the experience of a trip to the restroom.

The men’s restroom located in the Business Building is a prime example since one spacious stall with a broken lock that some students have now use to smoke marijuana.

The men’s restroom located in the Fine Arts Building near room FA42 was closed for a significant amount of time.

During this time, frequent users of this restroom had to travel to the Classroom Building or the library, and there was also the possibility of going to another section of the Fine Arts Building hallway where room FA 75 is located.

Patience will be rewarded when a person can now rest easy knowing he may fart with all his might behind a closed door.

If that is not a convincing enough reason to realize that renovations are worth the wait, how about the average night student who exits class and walk into a restroom with flickering lights that are in need of replacement?

This individual would be glad to walk peacefully into the restroom without having to use a cell phone as a guiding light.

For the students that love to deface the walls with “cholo like” tagging, perhaps they need to be given a coloring book for Christmas so that the average students can enjoy a clean restroom.

The sight of a toilet seat with cracks, carvings and even liquids on the surface disgusts any student, especially when the sanitary seat cover dispenser have been ripped off the wall.

The option of protecting your rear end is comforting and that wait is worth knowing you won’t have liquids from unknown origins touching your skin.

Health conscious students would ultimately agree patience is rewarding because they would be supportive of being cautious with their surroundings.

Nothing is more annoying than finding out someone ruined the toilet paper, towel or soap dispensers.

Therefore, next time you see a construction sign just smile thankfully, because thanks to the construction workers you can release your waste in a clean and comfortable setting.