7-day period to pay fees benefits serious students who are attending Cerritos College.

Ivan Hernandez and Ivan Hernandez

The 7-day period for students to pay for the classes once they enroll is necessary because it shows which students are serious about their education. The knowledge that a student will be dropped if the fees are not paid forces the student to make paying the fees a priority.

Some may disagree on how Cerritos College deals with those who don’t pay their registration fees on time, but this process of elimination is necessary in order to increase the possibility for other students who are ready to pay for the classes they need.

Getting classes is a difficult process, and whatever methods Cerritos College applies to free up space for prepared students is a welcomed privilege.

Cerritos College has a policy where students have the responsibility to pay their registration fees within seven days, or be dropped from all classes and have holds placed on their record.

If we take a look at Cerritos payment deadlines compared to other campuses, we will notice that Cerritos College is actually quite lenient with its seven day policy.

Other campuses such as Cypress College drop you immediately if you aren’t prepared to pay your fees the first day you register, that is far more unreasonable and gives little hope to any student who is possibly held back by financial constraints.

It is extremely important that students take initiative and go speak with financial aid offices because they may be eligible for the Board Of Governor’s Fee Waiver Program, also known as the BOG waiver, which covers the expense of enrollment fees automatically when selecting classes online.

The BOG waiver only covers admission fees, it does not cover parking permits, books or health fees.

If students take the time to research and apply to possible scholarships, grants, and loans, no other fees should come as a surprise come payment time.

Cerritos College makes it quite easy to obtain all information during orientation leaving students ready by their respective registration dates to begin, it is a matter of putting in time to find the information and create questions to make your college experience flow much more smoothly.

If seven days isn’t enough time to pay, then you should prepare and save because Cerritos College also mails out every students registration date to give each individual a fair chance at starting school.

The student community is a competitive one and there are many resources that equal out the battlefield for every person in every situation.

Their is no excuse in not being able to cover your admission fees when the time comes.

Prepare to pay or prepare to get dropped if you want to attend classes at Cerrtios College.