Women who breastfeed should be mindful of where they do it

Eugene Stillman and Eugene Stillman

Lately people have been debating whether breast-feeding on a college campus is okay, breastfeeding is natural and healthy for women to do. Some women choose to breast-feed others choose not to do it.

But the problem is breastfeeding in the schools and public places may make people feel uncomfortable or disgusted by seeing a woman breast out of her shirt. Whether people don’t like it or not there will be breast-feeding in places that seem unreal and unheard of.

People can argue all day about the topic but it’s perfectly fine for women to breast-feed, some people just don’t like seeing women breast-feed out in the open, people have that right to speak their opinions on breast-feeding in public but women who breast-feed should be more modest and distant with covering themselves while they are breast-feeding.

However there should be specific places on the college campus and in the public places where a woman should be able to breastfeed her child when she needs to instead of making people feel strange and uncomfortable.

Breast-feeding should not be looked down on in public, there just a way its supposed to be done . If a woman decides to do it, let it be done in a private place.

Many states have law protecting breast-feeding mothers, but breastfeeding in public is not illegal most countries are so accustomed to it often seems like we as Americans are bother by it.

Breast-feeding in the public makes it the norm if women continue to breast-feed in public it will make people think differently about it make women feel less bad for breastfeeding if people can coexist with women breast-feeding the problem will eventually be solve.