Obama deserves your vote

Lauren Gandara and Lauren Gandara

There is no doubt that students should vote for Barack Obama this November. With all that he has accomplished these past four years, it is exciting to think of all of the other amazing things he will do to help build this country back up from these tough times of economic crisis.

In his speeches, Obama stated that he believes in giving the little people a voice. He wants the middle and lower class people to be able to speak up and share their struggles so that he can help. He doesn’t believe in the rich are more important than the poor.

He created a financial reform that is unanimously said to have the “strongest consumer financial protections in history.”

Obama also has done quite a lot for students.

He extended the time span in which children can still receive health insurance under their parents until they are 26 years old.

Pell grants were expanded for low-income students and all students were given the means to refinance their college loan payments so that they don’t have to struggle to make the payments.

Overall, Obama enacted the largest student aid reform in 40 years.

In April, he created 9,000 jobs in the United States, lowering the unemployment rate in 34 states.

He created the Green Vet Initiative that promotes environmental jobs for veterans and forced financial agencies to create Offices of Women and Minorities so that there is more diverse hiring.

Obama is trying to initiate a health care reform in the U.S. so that those who are having problems or do not qualify to receive health insurance can still receive medical attention if they are sick and/or injured.

Yes, he hasn’t been able to accomplish everything he had promised, but for the situation he was handed after we so stupidly elected former President George W. Bush to serve another term, he has done some pretty remarkable things.

It also did not help that most of the Congress is Republican, so most of the ideas Obama had were shut down.

In 2008, his campaign revolved around the word “hope.” He hoped, fought and did what some would say the impossible.

Even though we are still undergoing an economic recession, we are doing a hell of a lot better than if we would’ve elected John McCain in 2008.

Obama fights for a country that is environmentally friendly, economically stable, and diverse where everyone is equally represented.

The facts don’t lie. Obama is the better choice.

If you think what he did during his first term was incredible, we can only imagine what he can do if he is elected to serve another term.