Will Obama help out minorities if he is re-elected?

Dafne Bravo and Dafne Bravo

It might be necessary for Barack Obama to receive the full support of minorities in order to be re-elected, especially from Hispanics since they are one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States population today.

The recent Deferred Action Policy aimed to help the undocumented youth living in the United States has improved the credibility that hispanics have for Obama.

Obama showed interest in helping illegal aliens with an amnesty while running his first presidential campaign especially the youth who were brought to America at an early age and have been in this country for so long they can be considered Americans. Once elected, he made an attempt to accomplish what he had originally promised.

The Dream Act granted an opportunity for all the undocumented students in the United States to have an equal opportunity as others for higher education and to be able to pursue their career.

With a 55-41 vote in the year 2010, the senate vetoed the Dream Act.

Spanish television network TELEMUNDO conducted recent polls in which the president is currently the Hispanic community’s preference while the Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney is perceived negatively; the rate went from 35 percent last month to an increase of 41 percent.

Although Romney has tried to re-connect with Hispanics by hiring more Latinos to advise in his campaign, Obama’s administration seem to have strategically enforced the policy at the perfect time.

Romney has stated that he plans to eliminate Deferred Action if he is elected.

Most Hispanics have taken Romney’s negative vision towards immigrants as a threat.

Also, it is surprising due to the fact that he is very anti-immigrant even though he has Mexican ancestry.

It is unacceptable that instead of trying to help his own people and defend his culture, he is willing to separate families if necessary.

Obama on the other hand is trying to look for solutions for the minorities.

Aside of the immigration subject, low-income Americans have also received help.

As of the year 2010, over one-million blacks were maintained above the poverty line.

Minorities are subject to some unfortunate situations such as high rates of unemployment.

Obama has cared about looking for ways to improve and support the system of education, medical care and housing.

The Deferred Action policy is an example of a change the president wants to make in our society.

It will benefit different ethnic backgrounds and not only help their status, but create a generation of professionals who want and are able to finally succeed aiming for their american dream.