Not managing your time wisely can hurt your school life

Carlos Mariscal and Carlos Mariscal

Our social life can have a huge impact on our school life if not organized properly.

The first couple of weeks of the semester can get a little hectic having to move back and forth between school and work.

For some students, this may be a first time thing, but for others, this may be a routine.

These are also the weeks where we see the class sizes shrink in small numbers as the semester progresses.

Many students typically begin to fall behind a couple weeks in to the semester, and laziness starts to set in.

For some students, dropping the course just seems like that best choice at the moment, but why give up?

Do student’s social lives play a role in their educational success?

Many students get home from a long day at school and the last thing on their mind is the homework that they were assigned.

“I’ll do it later.. after this show.. after this commercial.. after this nap,” is something they might tell themselves in order to put off completing their homework for the current moment.

Many students seem to put their social life ahead of their school life nowadays, which is a recipe for failure.

With many distractions such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, students find themselves spending more time planning their social lives instead of staying up to date with their classwork.

Social networks aren’t the only distractions for students.

During the school semester, it is also hard of fulfill the role of being a sibling, friend or being in a relationship while working and going to school full time.

More than half of Cerritos College students are affected and there is no practical cure.

But why do daily distractions have to be a bad thing? Why not reward yourself for hard work all week?

We all go out on the weekends after a long school and work week wanting to forget about the stress we had during the week, and that’s fine, for responsible students.

Is a student’s school life affected by their social life? Yes, but its ultimately up to the student to organize their time outside of school in such a way where it won’t affect their educational success.