Students need to handle stress better

Patrick Dolly and Patrick Dolly

Students, specifically students at Cerritos College, seem to handle stress pretty poorly. Instead of freaking out about extensive workloads, tests, and homework, students need to focus on the work that they can handle.

Like anything else in life, setting aside a little “you” time is pivotal. Take some time for yourself. Go to a concert, go catch a game, or at least set aside a few hours to go see a movie.

Don’t confuse putting some time aside for yourself with neglecting your responsibilities, but remember why you are in college. You are here for yourself, right?

It stands to reason that if you are in school for yourself then “you” should be focusing on yourself.

It is often said that “you can only do as much as you can do” and that seems to be the case with students on our campus.

Focus on the things that you can accomplish and don’t stress out about the things that you can’t accomplish.

Dealing with stress as a college student is mostly about not being afraid to admit to your family, your instructors, as well as to yourself that there are things that are to much for you to endure.

Generally, people don’t often commend others on their ability to handle stress. If anything, they add more stress, so it is up to us as students to be vocal about what we can’t handle.

A big issue that adds to our stress is about the amount of classes that we take. Sure, it sounds good in theory to take a full load while working and taking care of your younger siblings, but in reality, might not be the best idea.