Is Cerritos College helping students find jobs?

Angela Arellano and Angela Arellano

There are many job opportunities on Cerritos campus that students are not taking the time to learn about.

It’s hard enough to find jobs just around the community you live in. Turning to your school for a career opportunity is a good way to start.

Cerritos College provides ways to help students get career experience as well as money in their pockets.

If students visit the Cerritos College Career Services website, they can view options that can lead to a job or career.

The Assessment Center provides students with English language proficiency, aptitudes, goals, learning skills, career aspirations, and academic performance.

The Career Center contains information about available job opportunities, majors and colleges. They assist you to develop an educational plan to meet students’ goals, and prepare for employment.

The Job Placement Office provides a variety of free employment services to currently enrolled Cerritos College students and alumni.

Cerritos College also holds job fairs on campus. The fair provides employment listings, opportunities and a variety of other free employment services.

Human Resources Department is a good place to start. They are committed to recruiting and hiring.

They like individuals that meet the educational goal of our diverse population because, they want to create an environment that has positive attitude and creativity.

A good place to work if you enjoy spending time with kids and want to have a career in teaching is the Child Development Center.

The Math Success Center/Language Success Center is a good job to obtain if you like to sit at a desk and check students in and out. It is also a great way to meet new friends. If you enjoy Math or English and want to help students, then tutoring is an option to look into as well.

They are hiring tutors based on availability and just hired employees for the Math and Language Success Center.

Talking to teachers and counselors about employment on campus is a good idea

Teachers probably need help grading papers or counselors probably need help filing papers.

They probably know more job openings and want students that they trust and are committed to do the job.

Cerritos College has a lot of career opportunities. Students just need to ask around and search for those opportunities depending on how much they want to work for it.

Finding a job is a job itself. It takes time and hard work.