Students should be more responisble with financial aid money

Connie Garcia and Connie Garcia

Students are free to do what they feel is best with their financial aid, but a little self-control could go a long way in making sure you are truly investing in what is necessary.

Money is more and more coveted with every passing day, and what makes money even more coveted, is when it is given rather than earned.

While it is the student’s choice to do what they please with their financial aid money, having a budget or a spending plan could keep you from possibly going over board when spending on personal items such as clothes or entertainment articles.

One of the main reasons students everywhere should limit their spending a bit is because the students who receive financial aid don’t think about the minority group who, unlike themselves, is not receiving as much (if any) aid at all, and those who do get a significant amount are spending on things that are not entirely crucial or necessary.

Although there is nothing against you doing what you will with your aid, it is encouraged that you stop and think if it is really a necessity to spend on what you do.

School supplies, books, food, hygienic items (and/or beauty supplies), and a certain amount of clothing are considered necessary items in the life of a student as well as any bills of any sort.

However, a game console, movies, iTunes credit, and any type of cards associated with game play are not in the least, or should not be, something your financial aid money should be going to.

If you could take just five to ten minutes and think about what you have spent your aid on (if you’ve been given any), surely you could name at least one item that wasn’t necessary, crucial, or maybe even school related.

Not all students spend their money on whatever they please, and that is also their choice, but if you are someone who does spend on things left and right, do take at least ten seconds before you swipe and sign to think about the necessity of the item you are about to purchase.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to receive aid, and that is not your problem, that is understandable, but just keep in mind that if you keep spending your financial aid on unnecessary articles, you too, will become part of the minority who did not have any aid to begin with.