The Vandalism and burglary at Cerritos hurts the students

Connie Garcia

Vandalism is something that should not be as common of a problem and should be more of a highly punishable action by the government in our community.

Over the weekend of Sept. 29 and 30, two Cerritos College buildings were broken into and vandalized, and one was burglarized.

The Student Activities Center, which is right next to the bookstore, was broken into and vandalized, as was the Game Center that is located next to the Food Court. The windows of the Game Center were also broken.

The Math Success Center located inside the Learning Resource Center was broken into and the burglar(s) stole Mac desktop computers from LC 173 by cutting the wires which attached them to the desks.

This is not only outrageous, but it is incredibly sad and almost unbelievable. Those Mac computers were for a specific class offered at Cerritos College and used by students just like you to do things they needed such as lab work, class work, and homework.

What if the burglar(s) stole computers from the library or the computer lab? Those are resources we all need as college students. If those become unavailable or irreplaceable, the majority of students would be faced with many problems, beginning with no way of researching, doing homework, or studying if they do not own a computer.

Just like the restrooms in the Physical Science and Technology Building that were vandalized with graffiti, the articles and the areas that were trashed served a purpose to all of the students and staff on campus.

If each one of us could put in their little grain of sand and just keep a look out for malicious activity, all it takes is a phone call, and anonymous warning to campus police and you will have done your part in contributing to our campus’ safety.

We as students should put forth an effort to try and stop this type of calamity from happening ever again to our campus and surrounding campuses as well.

Security is limited on campus and although we have a good response time, more or less, the school needs your help to reduce the rate of vandalism and damage that is caused to school property on a daily basis.

Our campus maintains a dedicated phone line for emergency 911 calls from mobile devices and although vandalism isn’t a life or death situation, it would do the school as well as yourselves a good deed if you just report it.

We can all work together to help our school be a better place for both ourselves and for future generations who will attend our campus.

Cerritos College offers emergency text alerts which students can subscribe to so you, too, can be up to date on the latest breaking news that occur on your college campus.

To subscribe, simply text the word “cerritos” to 253788 or use the college’s website at

This website is housed off-campus and will be used to issue official messages in the event of an emergency.

You can also contact the Cerritos College Campus Police at (562) 860-2451 ext. 2325 if you have any information concerning the vandalism and/or theft.